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Pure Joy - ARC Day 2

Another calm day, which we’re grateful for as we settle into our routines.

Elliot was feeling a bit seasick at times but bounced back with a ginger biscuit!

We caught and LOST 2 (maybe 3?) fish today. They seemed like big ones so the lures are working! Now just to get one of them all the way in!

Martin made a lovely steak and potatoes dinner and we played two games this evening: Cat Taco Goat Cheese Pizza and Soundiculous. Everyone had a good laugh with this, especially Elliot.

We tried out just about every sail today, and have settled on the spinnaker for the night. Managing to pick up some decent speed with it tonight.

Cloud cover tonight so no stars. However, when you look behind the boat you can see glowy bits in the water from the luminescence.


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