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Time Out - Time Out - Day 8 Bermuda to Azores

Day 8 in our Atlantic crossing

The last 48h have been dynamic with strong winds gusting high in the 30’s, and rain storms come through regularly. The front which was behind us for several days finally overtook us be it slowly, and everybody got a good soaking. The morning was spent drying cloths, as the passing of the front left us with a period of calm seas and slow winds. The reprieve was short lived as another front coming from the NE is catching up on us, and winds are increasing again. We are heading south to escape the winds but I suspect we will still get the rain :-( This will be a short lived front, and starting next week I expect us to be in very calm weather for a couple of days. Will we get to see some Sunshine, that is the question.

Besides the boat movement things are comfortable, and we continue with our occupations, cooking up meals, make cake, making more bread, the luxury of a Catamaran is life aboard is pretty easy to continue even with bigger seas.

Not much else to report, we have sailed over 1200nm since leaving Bermuda, and have another 600nm to go. Give the calm periods next week, it will probably take us another 5d unfortunately unless we get some more cooperative winds.

TimeOut pass the 20,000nm sailed today, not a bad achievement for our little Catamaran!

Jim Saunders - sv TimeOut

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