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Aquavita - Day 18 another day, another fish

Severin wanted to have fresh sashimi again so Daddy took his order and put out the fishing line. Less than 5 minutes later we caught a 80cm Mahi Mahi⭐️✨️♒️⛵️. The Atlantic is full of them. Apparently they are the fastest growing fish in the sea.

Elke and I put the finishing touches on the chocolate cake and presented it for dinner while we sang happy birthday to Elke. We ate it with homemade whipped cream and ice cream. It is soooo good and I am proud that I did most of it.

3 boats in the ARC fleet have already arrived in St Lucia and we still have 800nm to go. We saw another ARC boat on the AIS but when we tried to talk to them on the radio they didn't respond.

The waves are getting lower and the wind is steady. We haven't needed to use the engine for around a week but we do to produce power. The flying fish are amazing and we see them every day. It's hard to believe that they are fish especially since they can fly for 20-30 meters, looking like tiny birds with their wings stretched out.

Author: Jason

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