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Salamander - and Ralph's Reflections on ARC 2022

Well, time has passed astonishingly quickly considering we have travelled almost 3,000 miles at barely jogging pace. The main question I had before coming on this trip was is it possible (for me at least) to sit still for three week? Yes it is, and adapting to it has been a joy. There have been things to do, but the ever changing sea and sky, especially at night, have been mesmerising. I've learnt new knots, how to identify stars and a bit about passage making, such as weather but also big stuff like safety and the importance of leadership and communication. Almost the number one surprise success factor for a group trip like this though goes to freshly prepared food, eaten together, what a treat, thank you Sue!

So, now I know that doing more open ocean passages would be feasible and enjoyable, but to a secondary question, no, I don't want to do a circumnavigation. This period away from everything and everyone else in the world has taught me there is too much else I love to do instead. I will, however, look back on it as a truly special once in a life time experience.


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