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Blue Moon - day 3 Blue Moon 22/11/22

Confused seas last night made helming downwind a challenge, with a flapping jib irritating the skipper. We did our best to keep Blue Moon on course and in still in contention. Had company for a time with two vessels playing chicken behind us. Some radio chatter as they figured out how not to collide in the open Atlantic.
Seas calmed a little in the morning and the decision was made to pole out the jib, but first we had to clear a jammed furling line. Mathias’ cap went for a swim while wrestling at the bow, but no “man overboard” call this time. Eventually the line was free and the pole was up, only to come straight back down again so we could untangle the spaghetti of lines. Finally the lines were sorted, the pole was up, the jib unfurled and un-flapping, and we could sail our desired course.
The lure went in for a bath, but no fish dinner as yet. Some dolphins came to check us out, or maybe just laugh at our fishing skills. Either way, they didn’t hang around.
They just broke out the chocolate, so this writer is signing off.

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