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eXite - Exite 27/11 - becalmed

An almost uneventful day going towards the end. Out here uneventful days are good days cause it means shit hasn’t been breaking. We have been lucky so far with barely any breakages and hope it will keep this way to the finish, though we will have some maintenance to look forward to as the salt, sun and 3000 miles of sailing since leaving Las Palmas do put some strain on the gear.

For the first time since leaving Mindelo we saw other animals than fly fish and the seagull-like-birds. We saw tuna jumping and trying to catch the fly fish. Lots and lots of tuna jumping around the boat the whole day. And did we catch anything? No. We only caught sea weed. Lots of sea weed…

We also managed to find the only calm spot on the ocean (it felt like it at least) and for a few hours we were bouncing around with 8-12 knots of wind and everything in the rig making terrible noises when slamming around. Feels like everything is going to break and not any easy way to get around it due to the constant unavoidable swell.

Around the time of sunset the wind returned, and with it the first proper squall for a while. There are clouds affecting the wind all the time, but was a few days ago since we had a proper squall.

Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary. Now if I could just find some flowers…

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