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Xenial - Day 21 - In rhyme

Not much to say
Enjoy our word play
Advent is here
The Swedes all cheer

Janne made buns
They look like suns
Saffron is the spice
It's the captain's vice

No foresail to fly
What keeps our spirits high?
No boats in sight
Not even in the night

Lots of fish in the sea
But they let our bait be
The mate Carl-Johan
Got all the laundry done

Pizza for dinner
Alcohol free beer for the sinner
Grenada we are on our way
Please don't move away

Over and out,
The crew on Xenial

Notes for interpretation
1. Carl-Johan should be pronounced like the main street in Oslo (from previous logs you know this is how Mavi pronounces it)
2. According to the Major, it's a sin to drink alcohol free beer

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