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Betelgeuse - BETELGEUSE Friday 25/11/22 DAY 6

Our new watch system is working very well; 2 on and 4 off which means much more sleep and down time.  I managed a continuous 6 hrs last night  - heaven!

Everyone is enjoying cooking and the amazing ingredients we procured in Las Palmas have meant we have eaten extremely well.  The steak mentioned above was one of the most tender I have ever eaten.  We have got to the end of the fresh meat now, except for one more meal of those amazing steaks which we are keeping for our half way celebration.

It sounds bizarre, but we are quite looking forward to a bit of pesto pasta!

Continuing light winds have meant we have had great fun flying the spinnaker.  It is a beautiful sight when it’s up but keeping it full can be quite a challenge;  we had an interesting couple of hours untangling it from the forestay today as it managed to get itself into a right old twizzle.  Will the Brave ended up going up in the bosun’s chair and with a lot of strength, skill and determination, managed to untangle the beast. We have now rigged up a system of preventor stays which will hopefully ensure it doesn’t tangle again. 

Another visitation by a pod of dolphins today, they are so playful and seem to enjoy our company as much as we enjoy theirs, although their attention span seems a little shorter than ours!

Lots of flying fish continue to entertain us and the odd lonely seabird crosses our path.

On the menu today was lentil salad for lunch, followed by bangers and mash for supper, a joint team effort by Jonnie, Charlotte and Claire. We have managed to eat every meal together in the cockpit so far which is lovely and a good time to talk changes to our route, etc as the weather patterns changes and to mark Pete’s quizzes from the night before which seem to get more challenging by the day! 

The guard rails are festooned with a lot of underwear and t-shirts and so far, we have only lost one pair of socks overboard! 

The weather is getting noticeably warmer and sunrise/sunsets later.

We are a very happy crew, everybody more than pulls their weight and are very good at looking out for each other.  We still have a long way to go but the days are slipping past at quite a pace. 

Claire xx


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