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Amandla Kulu - D6_ Hot ... Dam Hot

Captain’s Log. Star Date 26 Nov. 

Day 6. Seventh day on the water.

1123 GMT.
1123 Local.

20º 56 N
029ª 03 W
It is getting toasty. 
Had a wonderful lifting of spirits earlier as John sprung a surprise for Sabine on her birthday. Terry and I captured some great footage that will be a great part of the movie we are creating of this epic adventure. 
As I write, Jules is on stitching detail and Tom is assisting Will who discovered a fridge milk explosion. Terry’s Tears is a super rehydration drink we’ve adapted from the WHO — this is even better chilled and part of the casualty of the fridge clean. 
We’re getting some southing in today to pick-up some more favourable breeze strength and direction. 
We’re hearing Mermaid and Sky Blue on the VHF; they are not hearing us. 
Clock’s, we’ll work out changing the time at some point. It’s nice to have a little light in the evening. For every 4º longitude we sail west, the celestial clock shifts 1 minute. That equates to the celestial clock, (relative to us) moving an hour for every 15º west we sail. 
Gran Canaria is at circa 15º  West
St Lucia is at circa 61º west
We are currently at 29º West
Races are won and lost in light airs and between the hours of 02 and 04.
Let’s make some magic happen. 
With warmth, love and good heatlh

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