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Amandla Kulu - #rWEthereYET || #boatsRD

ARC 2022
November 24, 2022

As we put the sea behind us and move forward towards our goal of sailing across the Atlantic Ocean I write this blog with an abundance of emotions. As a friend once said, ocean crossings, “ the highs are highest and the lows are the lowest(Fred P).” Not sure how many of these blogs I will be able to write so I do not want to write about the lows, rather I want to talk about the highs. Actually just one topic. I have quickly realized that this trip is not about sailing, it is about PEOPLE . Our 9 person crew have come together from the United Kingdom, Norway, Canada and The United States of America. We support each other and we have quickly grown to become a temporary family that has and will create memories that will last a lifetime. We are doing our best and moral is high due to our positive attitudes, our captain’s leadership and also due to more PEOPLE such as the ARC staff, Kulu land support and most importantly our friends and family back home. It is PEOPLE that make sailing across the Atlantic worth while.

Terry David Couch 2 from Washington, DC via Mount Orab, Ohio USA

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