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Amandla Kulu - D4_ From Zero to Hero (Part II)

Captain’s Log. Star Date 24Nov. 

Day 4. Fourth day on the water.

2320 GMT.
2320 Local.

21º 10 N
024º 51 W
You’ll be reading about a collective sigh of ‘ahh’ cross fleet blogs today. 
Breeze dropped a little at first light, sea state settled and the sun was warm. 
We were able to get some air flowing through The Good Ship Amandla Kulu as the temperature rose. 
Immediately after first light, we hoisted our Code Zero (big flappy sail thing that goes at the very front) which was great for morale. After a few days of [necessary] neglect a solid few hours was spent on a deep clean and getting things clean, tidy and ship shape. Some chopping of vegetables and a tasty fresh lunch followed. 
I feel very privileged to be sailing with such a super crew. Diversity is faced as healthy challenge and people are looking out for each other. Boating is the easy bit. It is the people bit that is often the challenge. 
As I write, Peter has just taken the helm, Will is standing by post helm handover, Tom is standing by on the kicker and Jules is creating some very tasty peanut butter cracker snack things. Louisa and Jen have another ten minutes of wonderful sleep, whilst Terry and John are out cold until 0200. 
There’s a great spirit onboard. This is only going to improve as we claw our way through the fleet; taking the scalps of those around us as we plough ever towards the horizon of the ever-setting sun. 
Fair breeze, God speed. Following seas. 
Pip pip

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