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Betelgeuse - BETELGEUSE Tuesday 22/11/22 DAY 3 – Mahi Mahi !!

A basket floated passed, a plastic bag, oh no we’ve caught the bag, hold on….it’s a fish.

All hands on deck, gloves to be found, syringe and gin. In was hauled this beautiful gold and silver 18inch beauty. Tackled by Will and Pete into a bucket and rather unceremoniously killed with a spinal cord severing and finished off with a sacrificial shot of gin into its gills.

Over the side it went tethered upside down by its tail on the guard rail. I had visions of a huge shark leaping alongside and gabbing it back to the ocean. Mahi Mahi for supper.

Pete cooked a delicious lunch enjoyed by all. All reefs were shaken out and the sun continued to shine on us.

Just before we slipped our moorings in Las Palmas, as the excitement and tension were sizzling on deck and in harbour, Pete called us onto the foredeck. Another group photo I thought, but no. He gently and calmly gathered us and asked God to be with us and look after us on our passage. He read Psalm 91. It’s worth looking up. I felt very moved and privileged to be embarking on this journey with a superb skipper, generous and competent crew and with God looking out for us and our loved ones.

Back to food, after all, that’s the highlight of most days. Will filleted the little darling. Poor creature had very little flesh on it but it was cooked to perfection with olive oil and a squeeze of lemon and enjoyed with our first sundowner as a delicious nibble.

It was followed by burgers the likes of which you have never tasted. Thank you Pete and Will.

Hate to admit but team A won the night quiz again!!!!! You may have guessed Will, Pete and I are in team B. Richard, Claire and yes Jonnie continue to out wit us. Tonight the quiz is confectionary so we’re bound to win.

Glorious sailing, stonking along at around 8 knots and avoiding jibes. A few skimming flying fish but as yet no friendly dolphin.

Love to all you wonderful supportive people at home .Thank you.

Love Charlotte xxxx


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