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Endeavour III - Endeavour III - Day 2 on the Ocean Ocean

It only took less than 24 hours for most of the boats to scatter, leaving us with uninterrupted views of the sea up to the horizon. It’s an awful lot of space! Above, below and all around.

After a not so restful nights sleep, the team spent a pretty lazy second day at sea (well I’m speaking for myself…). Lunch of fresh salad and homemade humus, and dinner of veggie lasagna a la Hugh. There were a couple of Cluedo murder attempts, though with suspicions running high neither were successful. To note, Dave made a valiant effort to pass Tash a pair of underwear at the starboard helm, alas it was to no avail as she clocked on to her imminent murder v sharpish.

Sailing downwind with our sails goose-winged, we steamed forward at an average of 8.5 knots. This didn’t let up overnight, and we found ourselves waking up to another beautiful day cruising along the ocean. Turns out Elon Musk is good for one thing, and that’s the operation of our Starlink internet so we could all constantly refresh our position on the YB tracking app. There was a lot of chat from the male members of our crew about it being a ‘rally’ and not a ‘race’, but the excitement is palpable as we creep up the leaderboards.

Imara - Endeavour III

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