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Betelgeuse - BETELGEUSE Monday 21/11/22 DAY 2 – Loving Life on the Ocean Waves

Monday’s dawn was beautiful, witnessed by the A watch who had done two night watches in pretty big seas. Claire was nervous to helm at night as she had not done so before. With rollers of 3-4m high and winds of 25-30 knots it was not the time to try night-time helming for the first time. Beautiful clear skies at night meant we saw the most amazing stars and waning moon. Breakfast at 8 was enjoyed by both teams together – muesli and fresh fruit salad.

Quiet morning with A watch catching up on sleep. Richard made a delicious salad for lunch with some banging tunes blasting round the boat.

No showers or booze yet which has not been a struggle at all, but I think both might get rolled out tomorrow – yippee!

Sadly, not much wildlife to report, just a few little flying fish and the odd lonely sea bird.

Have had another Arc competitor in sight most of the day, he seems to enjoy jibing more than we do.

Will procured some great fishing kit before we left and the line was out for most of the day, no Mahi Mahi probably because it was so rough.

We have changed tack only once since we set off which is a good thing as working on deck in big rolling seas is challenging.

Non-alco drinks at nibble at 6, followed by supper cooked by Jonnie.

Pete set us the most entertaining quiz which made the next night watch whizz past. Pleased to report the A watch beat the B watch by 3 points! I’m (Claire) in the A watch.

Oh, happy to report no one has been sick yet!! I hope I’m not tempting fate by saying that!

Missing you all but loving life on the ocean waves and settling in to a great rhythm.

Claire xxx

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