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Maxim 46 - Log Day 18 Countdown

Since we crossed the “only 1000nm to go” mark the ambiance on board is festive. Reading some Lonely Planet books where to go to while on land and talking about a fresh juice and cold beer in one of the nice bars. Looking forward to the local cuisine and the carribean feeling.
Meal wise on board we are blessed with our friend Alex as chef. No need to think about what to prepare and we are all feeling healthy! Still some lemons and oranges left for our daily vitamine C boost. Some real Dutch meals are served and the best “nasi with sate” is mandatory. Food is so important during this trip. If you have lack of sleep a nice warm soup is the best.

We have made numerous photos and videos of this trip. Eventhough we haven’t spot much at sea besides dolphins, flying fish and now also some lost birds, we captured so many great moments together and amazing sunsets! Steve got really into celestial navigation and we all learnt much about cloud formations and squalls (we had those a lot last couple of nights) and found out that they are not so scary anyway as long as you keep away from the thunder. We now race straight through them! Top speed 10,7kn and we had gusts of 32kn.

Hopefully max 6 days to go before we arrive and join the events. Until then, we will through our own mini pre-arrival parties:)

Written by Agnes Mazee

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