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Sarah Mercedes - Day 16

We approach the business end of the rally. Blue magic just 15 miles behind now and closing fast. We fear we are powerless to their superior speed at better wind angles. The crew of Sarah Mercedes are no quitters though, so the morning brought some repair work to the lesser damaged of the kites. Patches on, sock pulled back up and back in the bag ready for a sunrise hoist tomorrow. The kite has done it's fair share of halyard hopping, tomorrow's partner : the staysail halyard. Third choice halyard means jury is out as to wether the kite will fly for hours, minutes or seconds. After 8 days on port tack, we have finally jibed. A rather strange feeling, as if our world has been turned upside down. Whilst we are doing everything possible to win, arriving second would leave none of the crew frowning on arrival. A journey of wacky winds, kitchen nightmares and blistering heat has proven no match to the crews sense of humour, composure and good spirits. The sailing itself has been fantastic using every sail and rope possible testing the limits of the boat. Tomorrow will be no different as we hope to fly the newly patched light kite, in 18 knots, on the staysail halyard. Will it give us the boost needed to return winners? Who knows...

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