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Sarah Mercedes - Day 13

Winds continue at a comfortable 15-20 knots. The wind direction has been fluctuating between 70-110 with squalls becoming less frequent and harsh. The morning didn't start off on a flyer, as at 8am the power shut down. Some panic set in, with cupboards flying open for circuits, fuses and wires to be studied. The problem, we found, lay on the surface. No problem with the electrics, just a lying display that deceivingly showed 96 percent charge when in fact we had 5. Adrenaline away, stomachs eased and back to sleep for some of the crew. When not resting, the crew are now back to helming around the clock. This time however, not out of necessity, but comfort and speed. The day crew : master chef Heff, trusty Pete and myself. The night crew : sea veteran Rob, Steven "the windex" Fulford, and our skip Graham. This has furthered all the crews steering abilities as well as create an easier cooking environment. What has truly revolutionised our cooking experience however, is due to our food sponsor, Sarah Clapp. Her frozen meals being both delicious and simple have given dinner time a calm and zen atmosphere, before so, unheard of. Good and bad news from our race for top spot in our division. The good : We are now stretching our lead against Juno to over 71 miles. The bad : Blue Magic appears to have grown another sail and has not only gained over 18 miles on us, but also overtaken Juno. We still expect a nail biting finish...

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