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Sarah Mercedes - Day 10

The wind continues to drop. In fact, It dropped to the extent that we could once again try the kite. It flew well for a while, however come late afternoon, the wind had fallen so significantly that we were moving at only 4 knots. With a squall approaching circa 5:30, we dropped the kite for the night. Apart from improving our hoist and drops of the kite, today was also a day of learning. We learnt that the rudder tends to be less noisy when you don't wrap the spinnaker sheet around it. We have also learnt that Pete B is quite the arts and craftsman. He has single handedly neutralised the threat of the fridge, a quite superb netting device that stops the avalanche of food upon opening. He also managed to repair the navigation table that had broken under the cushion where our skipper sleeps, no doubt from all the weight in that wise and tactical brain of Graham's.

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