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Sarah Mercedes - Day 8

A quote from my mum would adequately describe the past 24 hours, 'The wind and the rain be howling at my soul'. The rain has also found a way to creep through the mast and under the floorboards. Pete B and I therefore have been on our hands and knees with our heads stuck under the floor sponging up dirty water in order to try and save the Kit Kat's. What fun! Graham was the latest victim of the fridge's artillery as he got splattered with yogurt which did put a smile on my face. Stephen is currently cooking his prosciutto pasta that he has raved about since departure from Gran Canaria. We haven't been able to open the hatches for about 50 hours now, and it has become quite steamy inside. It has also become very pungent with wet oilies hanging everywhere. By far the most exciting thing to happen however was a life jacket explosion event. Steven (at the helm) and Rob got splattered with what they describe as 'Olympic size swimming pool'. This caused their life jackets to inflate and sent them on their backsides. However, we still remain with only bumps and bruises and wide smiles on our faces. Bring on week 2!

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