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Misty Mhor - Misty Mhor’s Magnificent Mariner’s Memories Friday 10th December. .

Well what can I say. This section of Misty Mhor’s Manoeuvring is at an end.

It’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride, it’s had its ups and downs, it’s seas and sores. We have enjoyed dark nights and sunny days, near doldrums and gale force blasts. Things have broken and have been sorted. But the spirit on the yacht has never been damaged. It’s been brilliant throughout and haven’t we eaten well!

Capt Jon and Admiral Alistair did a great job keeping Misty seaworthy and on the right course. Having Dugald on board with his two previous ARCs and a world ARC experience was a great resource. He was the master of the understatement and couldn’t he catch fish! Then of course was Fiona who unbelievably managed the supplies and the galley, delivering a quality of sustenance that was way above and beyond anything we could dream about. We should also give credit to our 6th crew member. Mr Auto- Helm, who turned up whenever we asked him and kept us on track for hours on end.

Stop press(gang)
Stowaway Spotted on board.
Do you have Memories of that Melodramatic Movie scene from Castaway where Wilson was washing away with every wave? If you were wondering what went on, what became of Tom Hanks companion and soul mate? Worry no Mhor. Wilson, like all true superstars, had reinvented himself and had sneaked onboard as a Mhor Melon. Misty’s own stowaway. If you are reading this Tom there could be a sequel in it for you. See photo.

So now I, your Blog Blatherer, should sign off. I have never blogged before but it’s been a light hearted fun way to record our daily events. I think I’ll collate the daily blogs and photos and produce a little photo book. It should make a nice Christmas present to my Mhor Mariners.

So it’s good night and goodbye from Misty Mhor and her Merry Men’s ARC 2021 Atlantic Crossing.
With apologies for the Atrocious Alliterations.
Picture of Wilson at the helm


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