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Calash - Day 20 – Friday 10 December 2021


We had progressed beyond expectation, which unfortunately left our handover colleagues at a position  beyond the progress anticipated. Consequently, when we headed to bed they were left with very short distances to make difficult decisions.  Turn left was the difficult one, but when.  Luckily, Alan in his underpants, sprang to the rescue to make a completely uninformed, irrational decision to gybe, which the crew dutifully obliged.  We headed directly to Rodney Bay, tempted to chase in another yacht.  Luckily they were sufficiently ahead that warranted us staying comfortably in our position.  We passed the finish line at 03:04 local time [07:04 UTC]. Where this ranks ultimately; who gives a monkeys?  We made it, without killing each other, and this in itself was a major achievement for a bunch of egoistical maniacs locked up in a boat for 20 days!


Total progress – 3010 nm – cumulative hours 19 days 18 hours & 04 minutes


We will now enjoy our beers having abstained for 20 days!

Thank you all for listening!  We’re here; we’re safe; and we’ve had an adventure!


Never to be repeated!!!


Clive the cabin boy…OUT!!!!!




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