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Misty Mhor - Misty Made the Marina Thursday 9th December.

News Flash

After 19 days at sea Misty Mhor crossed the finishing line in St Lucia’s Rodney Bay Marina at 15.17 local time 19.27 GMT. Thursday 9th December.
Actual placing will be confirmed later when all the times taken are corrected for handicap and engine use. It’s our understanding that we may have line honours for the 18 yachts in our Class Div 1 cruising class E

Earlier in the previous 24 hours.
After a false alarm for weed and a small fish, which was immediately returned, the rod bent and a mighty tussle ensued between Dugald and an impressive Wahoo. We landed the 1.2 m fish which was quickly filleted. Sushi is back on the menu.

The forecast was for the wind to ease slightly which it duly did. It’s been a regular 15 knots with gusts up to 20. Boat speed has dropped to 6.5 knots. Sails remain un-reefed and with a flatter sea life on board is more manageable. The swell can still catch the unwary out though so we still move around the boat from handrail to handrail and venturing onto the deck requires a lifejacket and harness. We moved to St Lucia time on board which bought us an extra 2 hours. A beer each was broken out to celebrated our last night at sea. What could possible go wrong now?

Fresh baked fish served with boiled potatoes basted in lemon, cream, butter and mayonnaise and mixed green salad was served for dinner and we went off to bed. However we had fun out of Fresh water so we had to run the water maker overnight.
All was quiet on our western front until the chafe monster decided it was time to eat through the last strands of genoa sheet. 04.00 in the dark on a still lumpy sea proved an ideal time for us the practice sheet replacement and restoring a triple Jenny wrap around the forestay. Excitement over, it was back to our bunks.

Dawn on our last day? Only 50 miles to go.
At 15.12 GMT, 11.12 boat time, old eagle eyed Fiona gave the joyous scream we had waited weeks for “ Land A Hoy” for there on the horizon was our destination St Lucia.

Misty Mhor and her Motley Mob of a crew had Made it.

Pic Rodney Bay Marina


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