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Skyelark 2 - A majestic sailing vessel of the seas...

A majestic sailing vessel of the seas
Skyelark 2, a Bermuda rigged sloop
Finished in Aquamarine Blue
On an Trans Atlantic quest
Plotting a course for the trade winds west
South at first in a light breeze
Helps put the crew at ease
A westerley turn to chase the wind
Poled out sailing, our journey has really begun
Dolphins playing games in our wake
The ocean swell weaves its magic
We surf the swell in perfect balance
Azure blue seas, with pure white horses
Three and four metres tall
Maybe five
Westerley 25 is a sailors delight
The surge of power
We reached 11 knots
As we glidedown the waves
Eases off as we reach the next crest
The crescendo of effervescense
Fizzes into momentary silence
Poised to surf once again
We roll the waves
We’re like a a cork in a bucket
But this is for real
Our bucket is the Atlantic
We’re sailors living the dream for real

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