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Amari - Finally Clear

The moon lifts above the horizon like an amber cup half full, rising to find a clear night ahead of it, ready to light up a truely pacific ocean this evening.

It's been clear all day, and the first day on this passage that hasn't been at least partially overcast. Good things come to those who wait I suppose, because today was a glorious sunny day of 16 to 18 knot winds over sun sparkled seas with gentle waves.

What do you do when you're given this gift of a day? Crank some tunes, get up in the cockpit and sing! We couldn't really stand and dance so we danced from the waist up for an hour or so.

We are making such good way, now only 1200 or so miles out. We will reach our 2/3 of the way point, with 1000 miles of ocean before us on Tuesday.

The milestone treat for the half way point was brownies, so we put our collective heads together and decided that for the 1000 mile mark we would make an apple crisp -- bring on that century mark!!

For food this evening, our ripening fruit and veg made the decision for us. The pineapple we bought before leaving the Galapagos just ripened nicely, and we had some veg to use up in the fridge, so we made a coconut curry and had that over rice.

The key is the sauce, which needs the curry paste for flavor, soy for the saltiness, sesame oil for the savory notes, sarracha for heat, and a little vinegar to make the whole thing pop. Into this matrix goes minced ginger, fermented black beans, pineapple for a balancing sweet flavor, and then random veg from the rot drawer (most often cherry tomatoes, but we're totally out of those by now, so we're roughing it!).

Meanwhile, some cosmic parent has sent our whole country into Time Out with this virus. Not sure what this punishment is for, but everyone must go to their room and shut the door, be socially isolated for a little, and wait for this thing to work through its natural life cycle.

We'll come out and play again soon. In the meantime, be safe, wash your hands, and cough into your arms please.

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