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Skyelark of London - 1/4 across the pacific

Six days in and already a third of the distance to the Marquesas covered. After we stormed over the start line in Puerto Ayora, Galapagos – first monohull – we had a few days of flukey winds, some rain and drizzle even, before settling into a steady reach/broadreach towards are destination, reeling in 200M plus days under clearing skies.

The crew – a motley collection of unsavoury vagabonds and cut-throats, some from the colonies, one apparently rejected by the Foreign Legion – have now settled in well after early insubordination issues, violent outbursts and occasional duelling on the foredeck, so presently only one or two are still confined to the brig. Morale has been further improved after the daily rum ration – or close equivalent – has been re-introduced as a reward for improving disipline.

We have sighted whales, the odd dolphin, and the ever present flying-fish, and only the odd oceanic bird out here. Two fish have been landed – a small tuna and a decent Mahi Mahi – and two lost.

Catering has been par excellence [ practising my French for the Marquesas ] for which I can take no credit. Delights enjoyed include apple cake, chocolate tort, empananas, coconut bread and brownies, plus a high standard of evening meal and freshly baked breads. Weight-watchers it ain’t.

Due to this piggery [sic] we have depleated all the pigs and sheep, so the only surviving livestock remaining on board are the stoic hens, which continue to thrive and provide fresh eggs daily, but for how long – Coq au Vin anyone.

Thats all from Richard aboard Larky Kes.


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