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Sweet Dream - Monday January 20, 2020

All night the wind slackened until by 09:00 we were obliged to put on the engine to maintain forward progress. Now we have a new problem; the alternator isn’t charging. After our 151 nautical mile noon to noon run we turned it off and Captain climbed into the engine room and went to work to diagnose the problem. After tightening everything up, nothing immediately obvious popped up as the cause of not charging. We have a spare alternator, but would prefer to switch it out at anchor rather than while rocking and rolling in the ocean. We sailed slowly, slowly all afternoon. During my afternoon siesta time it felt like we were just floating on the clouds. Because the wind had been slacking for 24 hours now, the waves had calmed down to a mere whisper. At 15:00 Captain had had enough of the snail’s pace, and put the engine back on...still not charging, but the solar panels were happily carrying the load in the bright afternoon tropical sun. We were dragging two lures and the purple squid on the rod and reel had a hit at 17:30. I reeled in the pretty little dorado and Captain filleted it whiLe I started a pot of couscous with tomatoes. Twenty minutes later the fish was poached in butter and wine, garnished with lemons and capers and served on a bed of couscous with chopped tomatoes. Yum yum! We were two fat cats lapping cream. Seriously content with our fresh fish and the beautiful dinner view surrounding us with a 360 degree panorama of serene blue ocean. A lovely evening on the Sweet Dream.


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