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Hatha Maris - hatha maris day 19 13/12/2019

Hatha maris day 19 13/12/2019
I swear, someone putted some weight into my lifejacket this morning! Every day it’s getting heavier........ I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels her body more and more since we started in Las Palmas about 2850 nm ago. Although the most of the time you’re sitting around, standing a little or you’re laying your body is always moving. Balancing out the waves while you’re helming, cooking, eating, doing the dishes, getting an open air shower, beeing on the toilet for your own business, or even when you sleep. There is always tension to your body. The closer we get to the island the more you feel the effort. And so we keep on moving, moving.
The good thing is your sleep is going better and better and you can eat without regrets, no diet required. So for everybody who wants to loose some kilos/pounds I can recommend an Atlantic Crossing. You’re going to decrease your weight without exercising in one of those sports studios and without any diet ;-)
But anyway, everybody is really looking forward to get to Saint Lucia finally (which should be Sunday Dec 15th) getting out of those waves and having a none shaking whatever.
And last but not least sending a message to our beloved ones at home ...... let me just add this: I love you, Michael!
(written by Karin)

By the way folks - eta of hatha maris sunday sunrise!

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