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Karhammel IV - NEWS from Karhammel IV, Friday December 2019 13th

Most important : happy birthday to Camille, 24 years today, :)

A huge sudden squall rinced very well the solar panels on Wednesday afternoon, J. Unfortunately, we hadn’t time to grab soap and bath clothes.

About the broken jib : After 12 painful hours sewing (132 holes in the straps + headsail –at the strongest place, 10 layers of Dacron -, 792 knots done), we hoisted the « repaired » jib yesterday before sundown. Hoping  its life will not be too short.

With our Inmarsat communication’ installation, we faced 48 disturbed hours. The Americas Inmarsat satellite didn’t accept to grant the data service, well,well, America & European relations, even for satellites are complex. Hope it’ll be now OK. After SMSs, calls... stressful not to be sure to receive Chris Tibbs weather forecasts,  grib data… and Lubilu’s position, J J.

After strong winds, 30-33 knots, we are now facing the « marketing -as described in the brochures - » tradewinds, 15-20 knots.

Less than 800 NM now, J till Santa Lucia ending line.


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