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Oarsome Dream - Log 10th Dec - Waves, Wuthering Heights

Hello Blog readers!

We’ve now got about 365 miles to go, each watches mileage targets are being smashed and we are busy running a sweepstake on our finishing time already.

We are bowling along in decent sized swell making good pace. When we pick up on a surf, it sounds like we are flying from down below! We’ve got two ARC yachts on our horizon today - Black Cat and Isteria. Isteria have been on and off our horizon for a few days now - they are a Beneteau 57 so I think they are faster than us in the day so they catch up but they reduce sail at night so we pull away again. Nice to know that there are boats around us!

In other news, Richard has just a chapter or two left of Wuthering Heights to read. The significance of this is that it’s his wife’s favourite book so he wanted to read it. However, when you are tired and just come off watch, ‘reading’ Wuthering Heights often means having the book next to you whilst being fast asleep. Paul is doing well on ‘1971’- up to November now, and I’m nearly finished Austen’s latest Jack Reacher, Stuart is talking about starting a book at some point.

Going to have the last of the Mahi Mahi for supper in a curry tonight. Think I’ll have a pouch again, Chicken and Mushroon Pasta if anyone wants to know. Cannot wait for the steak and lobster when we arrive!

That’s all for us for now, need to go and concentrate on my target....

Love to everyone reading this blog

Richard, Prue, Paul and Stuart

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