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Oarsome Dream - Log Dec 8th - Fish, Squalls, Fish

Hello Blog Readers!

We’ve now been 14 days at sea and have 743 miles to go to our waypoint off St Lucia. The exact number is very important as competition of who hits their watch target is very important! We’ve been doing 175 miles days and St Lucia is getting nearer - which of course means the big discussion if what to have first when we arrive - sleep, shower, steak or pinacoladas! The choice of the first meal is always important - Lobster and steak at Spinnakers gets my vote every time.

Anyway, we’ve also found time to catch a huge Mahi Mahi yesterday morning which was supper last night, lunch today and supper tonight, a smallish tuna this morning which will be Mondays lunch probably. Not me, I’ll stick to the pouches. Never got over the time we caught tuna in the med on Lancelot II and it had worms in it. Everyone else is happy though!

Last night was the second ina row that I handed over the watch to poor Paul just as the heavens opened! The first night, that was the only rain but last night we got hit by squall after squall pushing us off course and meaning lots of wet kit. This morning we gybed at dawn to get back to course and started drying out!

Back to eat, sleep , sail , repeat....

Love to all at home
Richard, Prue, Paul and Stuart

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