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Jua Kali - The Jua Kali Report - Day 12

Day 12. The last 24 hours, sailing with a reduced wardrobe of sails, started with praying for more wind. (We had 12-15kts the guys just wanted more - Alex) 

We were so desperate to catch some that we've developed a semi-god "Baba Gayu" from one of our crew members. We sacrificed half of our food to make him happy enough to bring us wind!

It worked, but came with a price as a lot of rain came in the package. After that everything became better ending up with 30kt gusts in the middle of the night.

Tuna ate our last lure so now we are fishing using home made lures out of an old bit of line. Not sure if it will work or not but whatever, we are just happy to be here!

We passed the 1000nm marker to St Lucia. Now it's getting to us that completing this trip is really happening!

- Franek writing for the Jua Kali Report.

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