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Oarsome Dream - Log 30th Nov - Hot, yachts on the horizon and Happy Birthday to me

Hello Blog readers!
It’s my birthday today whoop whoop. I was serenaded on deck by a dawn chorus of ‘Happy Birthday to You’ - just as well the guys are all very good at their chosen professions, I’d worry if they had to rely on singing to earn a crust. Everyone made me a lovely card out of a granola box, no expense spared or extra weight carried on Oarsome Dream.
We’ve seen lots Flying fish jumping out and flying around this morning and we even found a couple on deck, drying out nicely in the toasty sun.
Yesterday was spent in the company of ARC yacht Hanse 411’ Siberati’ but we lost them over the horizon in the night.
We took advantage of light wind this morning to pull down the mainsail and stick on more spreader patches. Despite carefully taking photographs so they went in the right place, it still took us three goes of up and down to get it right. Mid Atlantic pin the tail on the donkey! Don’t worry if our tracker route looked strange for a bit....
Thinks that’s all to report for now, more a in a day or two!much love to all at home
Richard, Prue, Paul and Stuart

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