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Oarsome Dream - Log 28th Nov - Drones, no Dolphins (for me)

Hello from Oarsome Dream!
Since the last blog we’ve had pretty light winds hence the general slow down but we have finally been able to gybe west this afternoon so hopefully our VMG should start to pick up again!
Yesterday just before lunch was so light that we pulled our sails down becuase we were fed up of them slapping around. We used the stop to tip buckets of salt water over ourselves on the transom and have a fresh rinse - it was super hot and felt amazing to have clean hair again.
Last nights dinner was bangers and squash mash with oven gravy a la Stu - yummmmm
Frustrating night in light winds heading mainly towards Africa in the company of a Swiss Grand Soleil 46 ‘BlueOne’ and our Solent friends, Challenger 2. Stu saw the dolphins overnight, not me thought, its true, I am dolphin repellent. We’ve seen a few turtles this morning to make up for it.
We thought we’d have a play with the drone whilst we were going slow today. Up goes the drone, flies away from the boat, then the ‘low battery - returning to home’ alarm came on and off it flew. Apparently ‘home’ is London... if anyone caught it, its ours.
We’re enjoying the messages from friends at home except when they tell us we’ve lost a hundred places but keep em coming anyway.
Much love
Richard, Prue, Paul and Stuart

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