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Sweet Dream - Friday November 15, 2019

We awoke to the call of a group of large birds singing over the dock. After meeting Coco De Mer, and welcoming them, we had just enough time to hoist the flags before the weather turned wet and windy. What a joy to be in such a cool, comfortable place! Happy came and took all our wet laundry and sheets away. She brought them back fresh, clean and folded just four hours later! So impressive! On our journey in, we had a wave catch us by surprise and things got wet in the galley, then the mast boot, which has had a wee bit of a leak for awhile, decided to give way and become a full fledged waterfall. That’s why all the towels were wet, I was tying them about the mast, but they had to be changed every half hour. There was no way to coax the water to fall into a bucket, because the motion of the boat suspended the regular laws of gravity(understatement of the week), so every towel on board had been pressed into business. What a decadent luxury it was to have the very cheerful, aptly named young lady, Happy, to do up the laundry while we were attending to all the check in palaver, catch up with our boat friends, check up on the three boats still out there, organise sail and boat repairs, and even enjoy an amazingly delicious $2 breakfast at the yacht club. A very nice first day in Africa. Spirit of Catherine arrived, then Odeline came in, and by dinner time, even our Buddy boat, Nor’Easter had come in and with Charm’s gracious kindness, had a safe spot to raft up. We had a fabulous t bone steak, fresh salad, potato salad, carrots, and a traditional SA thing made of finely ground maize reminiscent of mashed potatoes with a yummy gravy dinner. Then Melba pudding with ice cream for dessert. Oh wow! And then we slept. Ahhh


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