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EH01 - EH01 Day 13

Yesterday we listened to The Proclaimers as we crossed the 500 mile remaining mark.  Still a long way to go, but when you look at a map (chart in boating terms) you can see how close we are. Our time on board is now being measured in days rather than weeks and I took the opportunity to ask everyone to sum up their trip so far in one word.
Andras – Relaxing
Alex – Sweaty
Marco – Magnificent
Jake – Unrelenting
Carla – Epic
Emma – Fun
Olivia – Inspiring
Stuart – Exhilarating
Charles – Exciting
Alan – Calming
Javier – Team
We are all on the same voyage, but we all take away something different.  Discussions about what we would say when people asked “what was it like” were surprisingly different.  A wise man once said “there are many paths” and this is indeed true. We are staying focused to sail quickly and safely, but excitement for land is building.

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