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Ngahue IV - Ngahue IV - Our last full day at sea

A reddish dawn announced the beginning of what looks like being the last full day that we'll be at sea. Tomorrow (afternoon?) should see us arriving in Horta, barring any accidents or encounters of the 3rd kind with tree trunks, oil drums, dormant whales or other such obstacles, that despite the full moon wonderfully lighting up the sea you still couldn't detect until it is too late.
Our only object of interest spotted during this whole trip so far was an orange boot floating in the water - fortunately no body or severed foot or leg in the boot, so Laura ensured me. You can see who's reading the crime novels at sea...
We're reunited with our Dutch friends, who wandered off a bit more north yesterday (and we south). They could see us on the AIS, but we didn't see them anymore - but held VHF-contact. We're now back in AIS and VHF range, but otherwise no other boats to be seen... It's still a big place out here, despite the Islands of Faial and Pico looming large on the plotter!
In the course of the day the wind should shift more to the south-east and pick up a bit for a final quick sail into Horta: just in time for a good night's sleep and the Island tour that Mark and the ARC have laid on for us all in Horta :-))).


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