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NoStress - Log Day 27 - Saint Lucia

How do I start?  Anyone watching the Facebook page will have noticed that we saw land at a little after midday UK time today.  The gamut of emotions that unfolded afterwards was something that we all “expected” - but it’s one of those truisms:  you don’t understand it until you’ve done it.  We crossed the finish line with a siren from the comittee boat and the crew hugged one another.  Elation was the emotion most felt - it overcame and surprised us, we actually did it!  Fittingly, the weather delivered a squall for the exact time we crossed the line where the photographer had us framed - fresh, smart crew t-shirts for the photo show us all looking like we’ve been dragged out of the water.  The Atlantic was definitely still in charge.  

Our welcome was truly remarkable. We know we were late to arrive, but cheers and whoops greeted us as we made our way to our berth.  Dozens of sailors waved, clapped, shook our hands, and offered congratulations.  We really had done it. At last.  The crew have been awesome.  As one spoke looking at the rest of the wheel I can honestly say I’ve been lucky.  Everyone showed resolve, tenacity and, above all, spirit.  We weren’t perfect - far from it.  But the resilience and the character of all on board made sure that we finished happy, and in one piece.  It’s been a remarkable experience.

Thank you for sharing it with us,

Alex, Claire, Nick, Des, Jake, & Paul


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