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NoStress - Log Day 26 - A Visitor

“Careful what you wish for” is the oft-heard phrase. We’ve been waiting for the wind for days and finally, last night, it arrived. The breeze filled in after dinner (which was the previously maligned but much enjoyed risotto - thanks Fi for the magic recipe) building from 12 to 20 knots through the night. At about 4am local time it hit 25~30 knots - wish granted. “That’s enough wind now thanks” we said, and put a reef in the mainsail which we kept in until the airs softened a little this afternoon. We made 132 miles in the 24 hours until midday today with 160 miles now left to go. So, if all proceeds as planned we should be in Saint Lucia tomorrow!

In the title of the log entry I mentioned a visitor. We had a small bird, some sort of sparrow or martin, join us for the night at sunset. Although he didn’t take any food he did sleep in the forward cabin with his head under his wing before taking to the skies again at sunrise. Hopefully he’s going to arrive at his destination soon, just like us - tired but happy.

Other daily business continued as usual. Jake watched another action movie and played some chess. Claire wrote in her journal and read her book. Des and Nick discussed Des’s latest plot developments for his novel (the one where a nuclear war with North Korea starts whilst some people are sailing across the Atlantic) - if anyone reading this works for a publishing house then get your requests in early to be a part of the next blockbuster!

The crew have a nervous excitement about them this evening. After almost a month this could be our last night at sea. It’s strange, people are actually wondering how it will feel to see land for the first time in weeks. I know I’m ready to be welcomed by terra-firma, but it will be the end of quite a significant journey. Conditions as I write this really are perfect. If it is our last night, we couldn’t have asked for a better one. The evening sun is warm and pleasant. The wind is at our backs, pushing us to our goal and tempering the sun’s heat nicely. Moderate swells of six feet or so add a relaxing gentle motion to the boat. She took her time, but when the Atlantic is nice to you it can be a breathtakingly beautiful place. This is a trip we’ll remember for many reasons for a long time to come.

Before tomorrow’s entry (when I’m likely to be too excited to remember) I’d like to say big hello and thank you to all of our friends and family that have supported us throughout our trip and the long preparations that led up to it. Thanks to everyone that’s helped us remotely and looked after things for us in our absence - we owe you! And a huge thanks to each and every one of you that have read our logs and shared the journey with us - we’ve missed you.

Signing off from the Atlantic once more,

A tired, but very happy,

Alex, Claire, Nick, Des, Paul & Jake

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