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Blue Top - Ultimate whistle Coup!

The blog of the TOP # 16 of Wednesday 13/12/2017 Ultimate whistle Coup! 

And now, as Denise says, "It's done!"

Last night, last fishing, I pulled out a little trevally. Nono cooked it and mixed it with tomato rice, a treat. This night around 3am we cut the engine and sail at 5 to 6 kts. We had guessed the lights of Martinique since yesterday. We pass the Cabrits Islet at 11am after zigzagging among the nets and many barely visible lockers. Then we go north to the North Marin and its large sheltered bay. Finally, at noon buoys and at 12:15 we anchor after 24 days of sea and about thirty hours of engine. We thought to make the crossing in 17 to 18 days, but the weather decided otherwise. So it's true, no finish line, no cheerleaders, no vahines or orchestra, but a great pleasure.

"It's curious among sailors this need to make sentences" (it's for you GG). Neither Audiard nor sailor, my only pleasure was to tell you some anecdotes from the edge. I tried the maximum to avoid the maritime patois while initiating the earthlings. Ah, if one last thing, there is only one rope on board, it is the one of the bell.

There is no feat in this ocean crossing, there is a tremendous human experience. Four in a small walnut hull of 12 m for more than three weeks. Promiscuity, tension, behind closed doors, that's all the performance, it's also a crew!
Thank you all for having followed, encouraged, loved. Marin, Martinique by 60 degrees 51 minutes west longitude, more than 30 ° Celsius and rum at 55 °.

Jean-Michel André for Jean-Noël and Catherine as well as Bernard.

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