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NoStress - Log Day 25 - Eat, Sleep, Wait for Wind, Repeat.

I have to start today’s entry with an apology I’m afraid. We have nothing new to report. The wind that was promised in the forecasts predictably failed to appear (the irony of this observation tessellates all too well with the other parts of our story). The sun remains hot, making sleeping below uncomfortable. Likewise the view is unchanged (apart from the odd flurry of flying fish). The crew are in good spirits - if this remains true after tonight’s dinner of rice and peas is yet to be seen though. Latest calculations indicate we should arrive in Saint Lucia on Friday or Saturday, but the lack of consistent or reliable wind is painful and we’re clawing at every mile with hope, but not much certainty, that we’ll make it to land within the next 3 days. With less than 300 miles to go, that should be possible. We did try a different sail setup for half an hour in the afternoon, although it was faster we couldn’t hold the correct course so it was back to plodding direct downwind with the main and genoa on a goose-wing configuration.

Apart from the obvious, major things that people are missing (family & friends) there are some everyday things that people would quite like just to lay their hands on, for example:

- Clean fluffy towels (not micro fibre ones)
- An Irish coffee
- A beer - in a proper glass
- A portion of fish & chips
- Pets
- A walk
- A night off watch

As I said, not much other news today. Please stay with us for the last leg of our trip, we’re tired - but we’ll make it.

Thanks for reading,

Alex & the NoStress Crew

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