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Susan Ann II - log day 21 - finish line in sight!

It looks like we have actually made it. We sailed across our first ocean and I couldn’t be more proud.

I’m currently on watch with 90 minutes to our waypoint at the northern point of St Lucia where we will call into ARC control and announce we are 2 miles out from the finish line. The rest of the guys are all asleep but I’ll wake them in an hour or so.

We’ve had a great day but with winds as light as 6 knots we dropped the sails and started a motor. Unfortunately we will be crossing the finish line under engine but considering we still have most of the fuel we left with I am quite happy to be entering an unfamiliar bay with the sails packed away. We stopped this afternoon to sort out our failed prop - it still had the 3rd Genoa sheet wrapped around it and I didn’t want to arrive with a half lame boat. We have 3 professional divers onboard with a combined time at sea of 93 years (we added it up) so of course there was a big discussion before the dive which was along the lines of “well I’m not getting wet, you do it” “you’re youngest” etc etc. We settled on a supervisor, standby diver / videographer and diver. A good team effort! There was quite a swell still which made the job a little like being in a washing machine but I’ll be honest, it was good to be in the sea. Job done and no issues with the propellor so we’re full steam ahead for that rum punch.

Our amazing crew have been myself Dave, Hayley, Smithy, Ziggy and Laura. I cant thank everyone enough and I wouldn’t change a thing. Well maybe next time there’ll be less cake. It’s been a fantastic trip and I’d thoroughly recommend sailing across an ocean with the ARC to anyone. Thank you World Cruising Club.

I’ll update the log for the final time tomorrow with a pic of us all alongside in Rodney Bay marina.

See you soon St Lucia!

Love The Daley Adventure xxx

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