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Susan Ann II - log day 20 - ‘bit of a crap day’

With St Lucia approaching fast now, it’s time I got some of the ‘not very nice jobs’ done so I can relax and enjoy a rum punch or 7 when we get there.

Part of living on a boat means that everything on that boat is our responsibility to keep in good working order and that includes the toilets - unfortunately. So today is toilet unblocking day. We have 3 heads and the one in our master cabin was in need of some TLC. It seems that the pipes get blocked over time due to flushing with salt water, despite regularly flushing with fresh water. But, as I didn’t know what the source of the problem was I began at the toilet end and started taking things apart. After a relatively easy job dismantling and cleaning the macerator at the base of the toilet (considering 3m seas and our head is forward) I put it all back together very pleased with myself only to find it wasn’t fixed at all. It seems that there is a 1 way valve half way between the toilet and the holding tank and here was our problem. What I hadn’t expected was a back log (pun intended) above the valve that ended up all over me. Not my finest hour!

Fixing toilets was the highlight of my day today but it is nice to know that we are very nearly there and tomorrow is likely our last day at sea.

Love The Daley Adventure. X

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