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Rubikon - Day 17 - Mexican sleeping sickness

We believe we have an epidemic aboard. Yet undiscovered by leading academics, we believe to have patient 0 of the Mexican Sleeping sickness (lat. Mexicanus sleepicus) right here on the Rubikon. The situation is dire, with the symptoms (over 13h of sleep per day) spreading quickly throughout the crew.

While we also believe to have found an antidote, most patients simplify refuse to take the required amounts of coffee or coke to fight back. Hence this might be the last entry in our blog. As tomorrow we might well all be sleeping.

When not sleeping, we spend our days eating (Bolognese, left-over Indian curry and freshly baked bread), or playing cards with new record games (Or losses) being played in Skat. In between we had to run to cover and hide from three drops of rain (the first rain since we started on this journey).

We still have a surprising variety and quantity of food on board, ranging from apples to oranges, plenty of meat and about 3kg of Nutella.

The wind seems to have left us, which also means the waves are smaller. We don't expect to beat yesterday's VMG of 6.2kn, with guesses as follows:
Kai: 5.8
Chris: 6.3
Alex: 5.9
Markus: 6.3
Max: 6.1 (is asleep and got the average)
José: 6.1

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