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Susan Ann II - log day 18 - its a hard life!

It’s safe to say that with these light winds, everyone on board is as chilled as it’s possible to be. Once in the trade winds, sailing to the Caribbean seems to be about pointing the boat in the right direction and then being patient. We made it to the trade winds 2 weeks ago today and haven’t seen over 16 knots of wind since. With this being directly from behind and us averaging 6 knots speed over ground this means we only have 10 knots of wind blowing over the boat which makes for a very peaceful and tranquil place to be indeed. The front of the boat is one of the best places to be (this is debated as there are many) because it’s nice and quiet, the lightest of breezes passes over you from astern and there is plenty of space for all of us to catch some rays together. Are the bean bags our best investment? Possibly, but this is also much debated with the ice maker and cordless mini vacuum being big contenders.

Todays photo clearly depicts 3 of the hardest working deep sea divers in the North Sea (wink). Between them nearly 100 years spent at sea and approx 10 years spent underwater! These are grafters, guys that like to get stuck into any challenge, guys that when there’s some down time want to be on their hands and knees scrubbing the decks, polishing stainless or splicing ropes. Who am I kidding? This is the sort of dive team that work on getting a full bronzed god like tan while the girls drive the boat and bake a cake!

Love from The Daley Adventure. Xx


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