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Nutcracker - From Las Palmas them comin'....

Good morning, from the St.Lucia bound ship Nutcracker. We hope that we have just put in our last gybe, and are now headed straight for thE Caribbean, with nothing else to do except get there. Now, we've hoped many things on this trip and they haven't often come to pass, so expect that to change - but hey, a crew can dream. Proper trade winds have been sourced, sampled and utilised, the art of surfing perfected and now our days are spent longingly gazing at the speedo. The greatest sporting comeback of 2017 is well and truly on. We are flying up the rankings, making at least 1 place a day! The fact that we are 115th is a small detail I would be prefer to gloss over - and instead let's focus on the fact that it's better to be going forwards than backwards. We are now hoping to time our arrival with the sunset and the opening hours of the nearest bar, for maximum enjoyment. We are receiving increasing numbers of emails from concerned friends and family informing us that it really is better out here. An interesting argument and one that has merit, but I think we'll still call in St.Lucia, and then go from there. I would also like to congratulate the crew for really stepping up the plate, we are greatly exceeding our required number of words a day, conversation and dare I even say banter is flowing nicely although some of the conversation topics make me think we've been out here too long. If anyone has any new subject areas, they would be greatly received (The Ashes, Donald Trump, Geopolitics in the Middle East, Wayne Rooney and the US Navy have all been thoroughly explored). Skip xx

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