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Tommy - Log - 9 - Good things come to those who wait

We’ve just had one of our top 5 dinners, our take on the traditional fish and chips with mushy peas. And yes we FINALLY caught and landed a fish!  It was a Mahi Mahi / Dorado, over a meter long. We just couldn't believe it, good things definitely come to those who wait….. patiently.  We were patient and persevered and eventually landed a whopper! It was magnificent, electric blue polka dots, with a yellow shimmer and enough food for at least 3 generous meals. Stu and Jason did a fantastic job bringing this wonderful creature on board. Coincidentally, we had 8nm to go until our official half way point and we heard the fishing reel spinning into a frenzy. It was meant to be, a significant sign of our half way point.

For our first fish supper, Jason made white fillets in garlic and lemon on top of a bed of the best mash. Tonight, Stu and I made an Atlantic version of a traditional fish supper. Marinating the fish in sesame oil, covered it in garlic bread crumbs instead of batter. Stu whipped up some awesome sautéd potatoes and we made our own mushy peas. Garnished with a slice of lime and pickled ginger. 

So we’ve had our dinner and it’s the most idyllic evening, The moon is full, reflecting on the voluptuous swell behind us. We have Andrea Bocelli playing out loud and we are waltzing through the water at an impressive 8.5 knots.  The air is warm, filling our canvas sails beautifully. Our wind instruments are registering 20 knots of wind, yet it still feels like a delicate breeze against your skin. This is what I was expecting! This is what they call “champagne sailing”. This is worth every moment we’ve been through. 

The most eventful thing that has happened today was jibing and now we're pointing directly at St Lucia with 1385 nm to go. We all move at a significantly slower pace than humans on land. We fill our days with changing and trimming sails, cleaning, cooking, fishing, napping and Yatzi!!!! It’s become an afternoon tradition, we gather around the cockpit table like gambling addicts in Vegas rolling dice and attempting to score a record. Every so often during the game Jason will present us with a phenomenal cheese board and before we know it, it’s sunset. It’s time to start prepping dinner, eat, night watch, sleep and repeat. 

IMG_1864_ SC JJ 2.

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