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Helen - Ed's last day on Yacht Helen

We have 130 miles to go, so we will be over the finish line in the morning. That's where I get off and seek a boat for my next adventure.

The fishermen on board our boat are strange. It took two of them two weeks to catch three fish, two of which we could not eat.

This morning I was sitting on the deck when three flying fish landed near me for my breakfast. Why are the humans so slow when fast food is so readily available?

This year's ARC+ has had less wind than usual which means using fuel to power the engine on the quiet days.

It's over 2,500 miles from the Canaries to St Lucia with only one fuel station on the way. It is the two pumps at the end of the pontoon in the marina at Mindelo. The lads on the pumps were incredibly helpful and some street kids guarded the entrance.

My theory is that if you are a sailor who may one day need some fuel in mid Atlantic then it would be a good idea to get on the right side of those street kids. Please donate.

I am delighted to say that at the end of my journey we have collected donations in excess of euros 10,000. With the help of the UK tax man(gift aid) this will increase to over euros 12,250.

The just giving page will remain open for a while, so please donate at:

I would like to finish with the words of my favourite sailing song:

"I am sailing
I am sailing
Home again
'Cross the sea
I am sailing,
Stormy waters to be near you to be free.

Can you hear me, can you hear me
Through the dark night far away
I am dying, forever crying
To be with you, who can say.

Oh Lord to be near you, to be free
Oh Lord to be near you, to be free"

Thanks Yacht Helen, it's been fun.

Ed the Iguana,
On the way to the Galapogos

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