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Helen - Today's sunrise

My picture today was taken at sunrise this morning. Hopefully one for the best picture competition.

We have had a slow 24 hours of 114 miles only. Partly due to our energy efficiency campaign and partly for cooling the engine to enable routine maintenance to be carried out. It's 30 degrees outside and 80 degrees in the engine room!

The captain thinks that we will get into St Lucia on Thursday morning and that we can motor nearly all the way if we have too. Surely we must get some wind one day but at the moment the forecast is saying not until Monday at the earliest.

Being an Iguana means that I don't know who my parents were which is why I can understand those kids in Mindelo so easily. I was also inspired by the fact that the lizards have their own star near the argonauts ship. Maybe some of them were sailors themselves too.

I have sailed the Atlantic 18 times and sailing is definitely in my blood but am I the son of a sailor?

I was talking to the captain about this and he said that his dad was a sailor in the Royal Navy. His sister was sailor (wren) in the Royal Navy and his grandfather was a captain in the White Star Line, which makes the captain the son of a son of a sailor.

My fundraising has got to 56% of target, let's keep it going please.

Ed the Iguana,
On the way to the Galapogos,
Leaving Yacht Helen in St Lucia

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