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@teamtigress - Frankensails Frankfrurters

Welcome to the ARC 2017 blog! I (John) have been set the unenviable task of writing the first chapter in our mighty voyage. Three days in and finally the boat feels like a semi normal environment for our diverse crew, we have a Canadian (Richard), an American (Joel), a Spaniard (Gonzalo), a German (Simone), a French lady (Claire) a Finnish fellow (Willie) and four miserable brits (Skipper Susan, Dominic, myself and Polly (a wannabe American!))

Observations to date:
1. Sales rip easily
2. Sails can be repaired (even when ripped in half!)
3. The Atlantic is quite big
4. Night Sailing is harder than day Sailing
5. Sailing in the med/the Caribbean is a lot easier!
6. Tinned food tastes surprisingly good (especially tinned frankfurters...)

As of this morning we are 3rd in our fleet. Next instalment in a few days, weather, satellite signal, power and remaining sanity allowing... for the moment, cheerio 😀

Sue, here too. We’ve had some big challenges with our new instruments relating to wind data. An ongoing problem but solved it for today and we have them back now. Up till now it’s been back to a hand bearing compass.
A late drop in a squall meant this morning we ripped the head off the code zero (Yes this seems impossible) however we now have a new sail “ The Frankensail
””just sewed the top right back on and pulled through the strings, not pretty but flying nicely. I knew that time at school when I sewed the dress pattern to my skirt that I wasn’t cut out for sewing but it stood us in good stead this morning.

Otherwise, all well on board, ace bow work from Gonzalo, Simone and Richard, whilst Joel and John and Dominic are smashing the pit. Polly’s done a fair few sail repairs and Claire and Willy are doing an excellent job leading the other watch.

Our northernish route means we’ll skirt and ride a other depression over the next 48hrs so prepared for anything.

More soon.

@teamtigress Atlantic Crew 2017


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