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Hi! By some series of minor, middling and major miracles plus a modicum of champagne, here we are tucked up, stern to, in what can only be described as a fenderama in Las Palmas. Three thousand miles from West Loch Tarbert, Scotland, UK. There have been imperfect storms, whaley ceilidhs and titanic tantrums along the way; Brag has been on and off the market like a very expensive YoYo as everything including the kitchen sink has broken, failed and/or misbehaved; cracking crews have come and gone; and for now it's just Brian and Agnes,  the Accountant and the the books...
So far, my best friend in LP is the nice young man from El Corte Ingles who is pledged to turn victualling for six for the three (maybe four?) week passage from a nutritional and logistics nightmare into a delicious dream. But also pretty much in love with the guy in Rolnautics who's promised to find me the last dark blue A3 fender cover in the world. Other BF contenders include the local car hire chap who doubles as GC tour guide of the year and BRINGS THE CAR TO THE PONTOON practically so he's also currently on the Christmas card list. The neighbours are nice and friendly, even the Scottish ones. And one day soon a charming but harassed Spanish engineer WILL come to fix the alternator and life on board our Island Packet will be perfect. 
So ....we are the ARC's go to boat for words and numbers. About this sailing stuff...NOV 19 looms...


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